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Re-establish an Economic Develop Department.  They will need to create a plan with short, medium and long-range targets. Part of that plan will be taking inventory of what we have (commercial space, light industrial lands, etc…) and how that matches with the various targets.  Once those targets are identified, they will need to implement the plan and review the results. This plan will need to be constantly monitored and updated.  This plan needs to create a sense that Chestermere should be a desired location for business.  

Identify location for a second Protective Services building in Chestermere. With development on the west side, we need to ensure that things like response time and coverage allows our residents to have the confidence and comfort in knowing our services will be there if and  when they need it.  It is important to noted that this growth with require us to hire more firefighters and add additional EMS coverage.  In speaking with Acting CAO Vincent, these plans are currently being worked on.

Recreation Centre – Communicate location of new Recreation Centre and engage in planning and consultation on building Phases 1 through 3.  This will include securing funding from federal and provincial governments as well as determining key private funding opportunities.  Proposed construction will begin no later than spring 2026.